Damien's Results with STAIT

We love hearing from our community members how STAIT helps them to be the best version of themselves every day. 

Damien is no exception, who has seen some amazing results since using STAIT:

Three months ago, I began taking the STAIT supplements for men twice daily in combination with the "superfood" greens each morning. I am excited to provide Shaun and Samantha with an update on the terrific benefits that the STAIT supplements have made to my overall health and well-being.


The first significant benefit has been the quality of my sleep, which has now been consistent for the first time in my life. The benefits have been profound to my energy and cognitive function, in particular, in the early mornings. The gym and cardio have been part of my life for health and well-being and high-performance sports for over 35 years. With my busy schedule, I have to train in the small hours of the night and waking up feeling refreshed from a sound deep sleep has been amazing.


I am a very disciplined regimented person in all I do and have been vigilant to be consistent with the STAIT supplements every day. As such, my overall mood has been very calm, consistent, and stable whereas, in the past, there could be lapses of fatigue at certain stages of the day due to the lack of sleep and high cortisol levels. This could affect my focus and the need to be switched on with my corporate leadership responsibilities, leadership research, and interviewing high-level senior leaders around the world that require high-performance focus and excellence of performance. In addition, I have my parenting responsibilities and high-performance sports training. This consistency from taking the STAIT products has been incredible to my mental and physical performance and well-being in concert with my focus on practicing mindfulness and being grateful each day.


The final significant benefit for me has been a wonderful new partner coming into my life after over 13 years of being a full-time single parent. I did not expect an amazing woman to come into my life and have been overwhelmed by the overall joy and happiness that I am experiencing from it.  


From my perspective, all the benefits described by STAIT have been experienced over and above expectations. I cannot thank Shaun and Samantha enough for providing me the opportunity to use their products and experience the significant and sustained changes to my life, health and well-being.

Written by Dr Damien Taylor PhD ; MSc Sport Business and Integrity. (Hons 1st class)

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