Intuition Whispered in my Ear by Tony Blauer

Have you ever said to yourself, “I knew that was going to happen!”?

If you did, it’s because you had that ‘feeling’ that you ignored.

That was intuition speaking.

Why do we sometimes ignore intuition?

Intuition whispers in our ear and fear shuts it down.

I wish it were easier to learn to trust intuition. It's one of those empirical experiences that happens and we don't notice how subtle yet profound it is.

Here is my best tip to start trusting intuition. 

Learning to trust intuition requires that you begin trusting intuition.

Both counterintuitive and ironic right?

Intuition whispers to us.

Fear shuts it down.

When you decide to trust intuition, you must commit.

That’s why learning to manage fear is critical to this process.

  1. Self-awareness deepens intuition.
  2. Managing fear creates self-awareness.

For decades I was told that my approach to self-defense wasn’t good because it didn't follow convention, I was told that I wouldn’t be successful if I broke tradition, I was told I would never ‘make it’.

Fear made me second-guess myself many times.
The self-doubt cost me energy, focus, and sleep.
Fear made me redirect, hesitate, and worry.
But it was my intuition that kept me moving.
What I knew to be true burned deep inside.


I didn’t work my ass off to prove something to someone else. I worked my ass off because I had a vision and I trusted my intuition. 

World-renowned self-defense and fear management expert



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