Message from the Mountain 001

The only certainty in life is the uncertainty of life. 

Just when you think you have it all sorted and cleared away, the universe always has a surprise for you.

Many great leaders achieve their greatness not by what they planned for, but by the way they dealt with the unplanned and unexpected.

For Sam and I, it’s been a journey to say the least, in the last 3 years. To decide in the midst of a global change, to change a brand that was growing well, is one thing. To see our revenues decrease to 20% of what they were another. To undergo major spinal surgery rather than face a life of pain, and then to decide it’s time to move from our 'home for life' where we established food forests, and planted thousands of trees, during recovery. Add into this mix, bringing home two Belgian Malinois puppies.

Well that’s life – and it’s not so much about the challenges of life, as we all have them, it’s about the resilience to face those challenges, and what you take from them.

So here we are – working hard to recreate and establish STAIT, so that everyone who seeks out a product that supports stress optimisation can find it.

Having moved half way up a mountain, in the midst of five national parks, 20+km from the nearest small town, just before the flood of floods. No idea on how to drive a tractor, work a chainsaw, move a fallen tree, pretty much no idea about extreme country living. 

Yet, when the flood came, we managed.

When the hill slipped, we cleared it.

When the drive was blocked by trees, we moved them, in fact we produced enough firewood for 5+ years.

For us, it's about learning to lean into the challenges. It’s about knowing our life is in our hands, and it’s what we do with what we have which is important, rather than worrying about what we don’t have, or looking for some quick fix to our daily issues.

What life has shown us so far is as coach Tony Blauer so elegantly stated:

The storm is inevitable.
Trust that you will be stronger, smarter, and more experienced once it passes. Pressure creates diamonds - adaptation improves resilience. To self-actualize we need obstacles! 


So here at STAIT HQ, we look to share the storms with you, we look to share how we deal with them, would love to hear how you deal with them too, our target being to inspire in us all, that resilience to not only survive the storm, but to thrive in that storm.

Each month, we will share our stories with you, and would love to hear your stories too, as together we grow. 

Shaun, Co-Founder

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