Message from the Mountain 006

This month has been busy up on the mountain, as we continue to plant new trees to restore biodiversity and native rainforest. We are also “grassing” the banks to ensure stability and viability for the long term, with water flow management being at the top of our list, so we don’t suffer the landslides we did when we first moved in.

You see, sometimes it’s easy to do the right thing, sometimes not. But doing the right thing is always right, no matter how hard it is to do so. For once integrity is lost, it's hard (nigh on impossible) to get back. Working with nature is always a sure fire way to generate long term positive outcomes. 

James, our land management advisor, always illustrates this when planting the grasses. “Think about it,” he says, "every day these grasses sink their roots into the earth. Each day, they grow stronger, each day they work together to nit the hills together." 

On the flipside, if we put geo-fabric, stone and rocks, then whilst it’s a quicker fix, long term we would need to revisit, restore, and maintain. A little extra work now, and a little patience, will generate a life time of security for the property.

We carry this philosophy over to STAIT.

We are in the midst of producing the next batch of our green super-protein powder, as well as testing out an amazing new muscle health product, designed to enhance our ability to age well. In both instances, we have been offered the easy way out – “lookalike’ ingredients, so eloquently explained by the sales person as “no one will know the difference”, at a fraction of the price, and available immediately.

It took Sam and I less than a nano-second to say “NO!”, because unless the ingredient is the best it can be, why would we compromise quality? Indeed, as the products are crafted for me, I want all the help I can get to age the best I can. So the high quality ingredients were sourced, and blended, and order was restored in the universe. 

Much like the plants, the better we source things, and the longer we take them, the greater the results.

In life there are no quick fixes – you get out of it what you put in, and whilst it may take time and consistent effort, you can be sure that the universe is watching, and your dedication is being rewarded. 

Good nutrition is money in the bank, and the more we practice it, the better we will be. Much like regular exercise (gym for me), daily practice ensures the stronger and fitter I become. If I miss a day, no drama, if I miss a week it starts to feel less good, and if I miss a month, bam, I feel like crap.

STAIT is much the same – last month I flew to the UK and Europe for 4 days. During that time, a dear friend of mine reached out, and after a long chat about all that was not good in his life, he asked to try out “that STAIT stuff you are selling”. I had only packed up enough for the trip, but seeing the state he was in, I willingly donated my stash to him.

During the gap between giving my STAIT stash to my mate and getting home, I started to notice my sleep wasn’t as good, my motivation to train declining slowly, and my normal positive mindset started to take a down turn. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the lack of home-cooked meals from Sam, needless to say, I was happy to be back on the mountain, and getting my mojo back to where it should be.

What did I learn this month through all of the above?

  1. Nature knows best. It may take a time to deliver, but rest assured it will deliver over and above your wants, and meet your exact needs.

  2. Never settle for second best, nor compromise quality, because even if no-one notices, YOU WILL.

  3. Stopping STAIT doesn’t bring a sudden crash, however, over time, you will revert back to your old norm.

  4. Mates helping mates is a great feeling, and that’s why we are working hard with the STAIT community, so we can all work together to create a tribe of like-minded people. Take a look at one very successful example of this, with our friend Scott Evennett and his MyNextOp crew. Having witnessed the latest 24 hour Immersion Course, it's clear to see how likeminded folks coming together really can create a change in their lives for the better.

We continue to do all we can to bring STAIT to everyone who is seeking to be their best self, and we always love when someone comes in and says. “my mate is on your gear and loves it, and I want to be like him”.

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