Robin Hood Has A Message For You by Tony Blauer

I love metaphors and archery offers several.

Life, like archery, is about opposing forces. It's all pushing and pulling (bow & arrow) until you find balance. And if you're not paying attention, you will miss the moment.

Life, like archery, is about discipline and tactical patience. Not only are there steps, stages, and strategies, but you also can't rush, them. One must patiently create patience.

Life, like archery, is about embracing tension, then letting go.

Life, like archery, is about focus, balance, and keeping your eye on the target. And sometimes you (think) you have it figured, and your shot sucks.

Archery, like life, is also about learning from your missed shots.

And when you put in the work and find balance, you find precision and accuracy, which makes you happy, a lot like life.

In the 37 years since incorporating BTS, I’ve never been busier or happier. I’m still trying to figure it out by showing up and taking ‘shots’ with a target in mind. 

In my mind, I’m wearing leotards and I'm in a forest. You can call me Coach B, but I also answer to Robin.
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