There is a Better Way by Damien Hickman

I had lost my temper again over something trivial. Life was one frustration after another, I felt under the pump and a decent night sleep was the stuff of distant memories. I thought, “there has to be better way.” Although I was fast approaching 50, I was fit and watched what I ate: the legacy of being a trainer for over 25 years. But no matter how well I trained or dialed in my eating I struggled to shake the feeling of stress and tiredness. I didn’t want to put how I felt down to ‘getting older’. I wanted to be the better version of myself I knew I could be.

I decided to research men’s wellness and became interested in the impact of poor hormonal health on many aspects of wellbeing. It was the answer I had been looking for. The only problem was navigating the hype and false promises of the many testosterone products out there. I didn’t know which way to turn.

Then I came across Be Spunki (now STAIT), a TGA listed product whose creator was a genuine guy who wanted to help other guys like himself without the bullshit. I ordered my first box and faithfully taking my four a day for over a year and felt amazing. My mood lifted. I felt happier. I slept deeply and woke up refreshed and ready to go. The bumps of life no longer rattled my cage. Sexually I was turning back the clock. With my hormonal system getting the support it needed I was able to live the better version I knew was always there.

A few months ago, things got tight financially and I stopped my subscription thinking I was doing the right thing for the family budget. Slowly my sleep became broken and I was waking up tired. It was a constant effort to keep my mind clear and flexible and my mood light and easy. My libido disappeared. Six weeks ago my wife found out I had cancelled my subscription, ordered me to get on the computer and get back on the “Spunkis” as she calls them.

Life is busy right now: I am selling and moving houses, starting a new job and supporting my daughter through her anxiety issues. But with STAIT on board once more I have more than enough energy to get through the day, my sleep is solid, I am training and recovery well and my mood is good. I am even finding time to engage in creative activities, like this short piece, to fill the emotional tank. There is a better way and STAIT helped me find it. If you’re thinking of trying STAIT, stop thinking and just do it.


Damien Hickman is a father of two, husband to one, who is a specialist in issues-based advocacy, communications, and community engagement. His degree in Sports Science and career and interest in health and fitness matured into a focus on total wellness as he approached fifty. He now shares his experience and knowledge to help others be well in facing the challenges of modern life.



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