Mindset and Performance Coach for UFC World Champions, Shaun Kober, Shoots Straight About His Experience with STAIT


Shaun Kober is the strength and conditioning coach for UFC fighter Petr Yan, and Performance Enhancement Specialist. A combat veteran, Shaun lives life to the fullest and trains the elite to reach their maximum potential. His podcast Live Train Perform aims to bring quality content around human optimisation focusing on training, nutrition, recovery, mindset, attitude, productivity, stress optimisation, time management, quality of life and longevity. Shaun is also a nutritional therapist and NLP Master Practitioner.  

"I've had a number of people reach out and ask for my thoughts on STAIT for Men. If you know me personally, or have been following me long enough, you will know that I would never endorse a product I don't use, or believe in.

"I started taking this product when I got back from Australia in March 2020, right as lockdowns and restrictions were kicking off. My health and immune system were my number one priority during that period. This meant that I prioritised:

  • sleep
  • nutrition and hydration
  • sunshine
  • stress management & meditation
  • hormones
  • gut health
  • quality movement

"STAIT for Men helped me achieve, and improve all of the above!

"As with any quality supplement, it is not a magic pill. If you have a shitty lifestyle, and you are looking for results without putting in any effort, you will be disappointed ... just as you would be wasting money on all of the supplements and detox juices stacked up in your cupboard.

"However ...

"If you look after yourself in a manner that has you eating and sleeping well, training consistently, managing overall health whilst reducing stress, and doing what you know is right the majority of the time, then this product will reinforce and supplement a healthy foundation to give you an edge!

"STAIT for Men is a clinically-formulated, proprietary blend of 10 natural and organic herbs and active ingredients, to support healthy male hormone levels providing stress-relief, improved strength and stamina, enhanced drive and overall well-being."

- Shaun Kober 



Unlock your body's natural ability to find balance and perform at its best, exactly the way it's meant to.

STAIT for Men

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