High Performance Living Coach and How Not To Die Guy, Damian Porter, Shares His Experience with STAIT

"Firstly I want to say thank you - I am normally super skeptical of any supplement claims out there, after 37 years of lifting, my time in the New Zealand Special Forces, West Australian Police and now life as a Dad - I have heard many far fetched claims.

"After receiving the STAIT for Men capsules and Superfood powder and reading the ingredients live online - I was blown away at what they had created.

"The greens [Superfood] powder is brilliant. I take it at night and it takes away all bloating, and I wake up with less of a Dad ab than I had the day before.

"The daily [STAIT for Men] capsules are powerful. The reduction in cortisol I get and the increase in free testosterone, energy and muscle recovery is exactly what I would expect from such high quality. Far better than the many supps I have ordered from the USA in the past and all in one simple capsule.

"Thank you for creating something that finally works."

- Damian Porter 



Damian Porter is a career Firefighter, a Champion National Body Builder, Exercise Rehabilitation Physiologist and one of the first Personal Trainers in the world. A former Special Forces Operator and Police Officer with years of experience in both Military and Civilian applications, Damian now focuses on High Performance Coaching, drawing down on his 28+ years of experience in the health and wellness space. 


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