How Executive Protection Specialist, Russ Price, Maintains His Energy, Clarity and Focus.

"As one of the professions leading private and executive protection specialists for UHNWI and UHNWF for almost 35 years. I identify potential problems based on my experience and training and mitigate those problems until they are no longer a threat. If you’re a professional in this career field, you aren’t simply a 'bodyguard'. It requires you to be on your game 24/7 when tasked with looking after some of the world's most influential families and individuals so energy, clarity and focus are not negotiable!! 

"STAIT and the team have helped me enormously as I've gotten older with this and to be honest I don't know how I managed previously. The STAIT Supplement for Men and STAIT Herbal Tea for Men has impacted me greatly hot or as a cold beverage with honey and hydration. My testosterone levels have gone through the roof.

"Thank you team STAIT. What legends you are ... I'm a lifer for sure!"

- Russ Price


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