How High Performance Leader and Consultant, Heston Russell, Improved His Focus and Quality of Sleep


High Performance Leader, Coach and Consultant, and former Special Forces Officer and Combat Veteran, Heston Russell, tracked his testosterone levels before and after he started taking STAIT for Men.

Following are Heston's blood test results, and what he has to say about it:

"Attention Men! Are you: over-training, stressed, suffering from a lack of sleep or low libido? Your endocrine system is probably in overdrive, filling your body with cortisol and suppressing your testosterone levels. So you can either stop training, quit your job, prick your finger on a spindle, buy yourself a single bed ... or ... elevate your natural state to start turning the tide on Mr Endocrine.

"I was suffering from all of the above and was then introduced to STAIT for Men. Full disclosure - I was approached to promo this product, but negotiated to trial it prior to agreeing to any endorsement. One month later here I am posting and personally praising the results.

"My focus in the gym and muscle pumps are back, the mid-section stress storage is thinning out and I’m actually sleeping more.

"It’s Science. Literally! Here is the proof - my blood test before and after commencing regular daily doses of STAIT for Men.

"Pretty much doubled my testosterone and tripled my free testosterone NATURAL production levels, all by simply using this blend of clinically proven ingredients.

"When reading me the results, my doctor literally said:

What have you been taking? I’ve never seen results like this before from a natural supplement.

- Heston Russell


Since retiring from his service as Special Forces Officer, Heston has taken action to support the modern Veteran community and achieve the required changes within the government systems designed to support Veterans. Through his work, Heston hopes Australian’s better understand contemporary veterans and the value they represent.

Heston is regularly invited to deliver key note speaking engagements on Authentic Leadership, drawing down from his lived experience, with a particular focus on Leadership, Culture, Diversity & Emotional Intelligence.

Unlock your body's natural ability to find balance and perform at its best, exactly the way it's meant to.

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