Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Recipient, Simon Moloney, Reignites His Fire Within, with STAIT

Simon Moloney was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross for actions taken in Afghanistan 2013.

A highly motivated professional with extensive operational experience, Simon now supports his clients to achieve positive outcomes in high pressure environments, with significant strategic complexity.

Simon is also a Trustee for Head Up Charity, p

"I was lucky enough to come across STAIT through a close friend of mine - Shaun Kober. Shaun is a man I have trained with over the last few years in Thailand and to put it bluntly - you would look at him and think “What’s his bloody secret!?”. Shaun is an advocate for healthy living and fitness so if he endorses a product, I needed to try it out for myself.

"I served over 10 years with a British Reconnaissance unit as a Sniper, completing multiple tours of Afghanistan. In battle, it’s all about operating at peak performance both physically and mentally, the smallest margin can mean living or dying.

"Since leaving the military, many veterans (including myself) lose that edge. We lose purpose, tribe and that indescribable drive that made us different on the unforgiving battlefields of Southern Afghanistan. Within one month of taking STAIT, that tenacious desire to push myself and the fire inside of me was reignited. I was sleeping better, training harder, the tenacity to succeed was there, my sex drive was noticeably increased and my recovery made me feel like all my goals were within reach.

"When I was in the military I took any number of supplements at different times of the day and night, unsure of exactly which were working for me and which were not. STAIT Supplement for Men takes that issue out of the equation by having everything the thrusting male needs for his mental well being and physical performance / recovery in 4 capsules a day.

"I decided to put it to the test and I made STAIT the only supplement I took whilst training for an Ironman. I would also track my heart rate variability each morning to get early warning of myself becoming run down or sick. In short, I was training twice a day. Many days saw 4 hours of training or more and all around a full work schedule.

"Not only did I not get sick, my recovery and quality of sleep meant I was able to push each session, carry that momentum into my working day and also maintain a healthy relationship with my girlfriend - all on 4 small capsules a day!

"On the Ironman, I achieved my goal with no real issues and recovered well enough to the point that I was able to complete a recovery session the following day with no pain or injury.

"In summary, STAIT for Men had an immediate impact for me. I was able to hit goals I had before thought were unattainable and I am carrying that momentum into every aspect of my working and social life now. I just wish I had known about this supplement whilst in the military, it would have changed things for a lot of soldiers. As a trustee to a Veterans Mental Health Charity STAIT Supplement is something we will be recommending to all of the veterans who come under our care."

- Simon Moloney CGC

Unlock your body's natural ability to find balance and perform at its best, exactly the way it's meant to.

STAIT for Men

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